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March 25, 2019

WWE Wrestlemania 35 | Kofimania and the Impact It Could Have in Wrestling

KofiMania the Next YES Movement?

Kofimania is running wild heading into WWE Wrestlemania 35. Ralph and Michael discuss how this compares to the YES movement of 2014 and what impact it could have in the wrestling industry.


Back in 2014, the WWE universe helped Daniel Bryan go from a "B+ player" to the WWE Champion by Wrestlemania 30. The series of events, known as the YES movement became a mainstream pop culture phenomenon where many people would be seen at various sporting events outside of wrestling. This including the World Series run from the San Fransisco Giants, a pep rally at Michigan State University and various videos on YouTube videos doing YES Chants.

Many of this stemmed from where the Authority of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H refusing to give Daniel Bryan a spot in the main event at Wrestlemania because they believed he just wasn't main event material. Bryan would prove time and time again that people wanted him in the match despite the authority's decision including once "Occupying Raw".

Fast forward 5 years, Kofi Kingston was a last minute replacement for Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber match this year. Since then, Kingston has had two impressive showings in gauntlet matches on Smackdown, was the last one eliminated in the Elimination Match where Daniel Bryan retained. With the support of the WWE Universe the #KofiMania trended on Twitter, the crowds are chanting for Kofi and he and his New Day partners have shown a more serious side that people can get behind. The only problem is Vince McMahon refuses to put him the WWE Championship match.

First, it was at Fastlane where Shane McMahon named Kingston the number 1 contender, but then the next week Vince McMahon switched it to Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens. Then despite going the distance in a second gauntlet match eliminating 5 of the biggest names on the Smackdown brand, McMahon decided to add a 6th. That being Daniel Bryan who beat a severely battered and tired Kingston to avoid the WWE Championship match.


Is this just a flash in the pan moment, or is this going to impact WWE and the Wrestling Industry?

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