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October 14, 2018

Will WWE Cancel Crown Jewel - Can the Miz Bring the WWE Championship Back to Relevance

Will WWE Cancel Crown Jewel?


With the news of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi killed by the orders of the Saudi Government, U.S. Senators including CT's own Chris Murphy has advised WWE to cancel WWE Crown Jewel on November 2nd in Saudi Arabia.

While WWE said they are monitoring the situation, news have developed over the weekend and we are hearing that either the show will get cancelled or moved to somewhere like the UK. Vince McMahon should seek advise from Donald Trump, his wife Linda, and one of his Main Event wrestlers Kane, who is mayor of Knox County.

Will WWE Cancel Crown Jewel? Ralph and Michael Discuss.

Will The Miz Bring The WWE Champion Back to "Releavance"?

On this week's episode of Smackdown Live, The Miz cut an amazing promo on Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. In talking to the WWE Championship, he told Styles “The WWE Championship has never been more irrelevant and less prestigious. You wanna know why it doesn't headline pay-per-views? Look in the mirror." 

If The Miz is to become the WWE Champion, will he raise the prestige of the title like he has before with the Intercontinental and US Championships

Shoot or Work - Weekly Wrestling Rumors

Chelsea Green has reportedly signed with WWE and has gone to the NXT Performance Center.

HBK could have a match in place at Wrestlemania 35

Bullet Club Elite might jump ship to WWE

Khabib Nurmagomedev tweets he has been contacted by WWE.


Swerve Me Wrong: Vince Needs The Attitude Era Guys

A lot of people in the IWC believe that Vince doesn't trust his current roster and needs the Attitude Era Guys like Triple H, Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, and Shawn Michaels to make appearances to improve the ratings. Michael tries to convince otherwise in the 10 minute segment. 

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