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November 14, 2018

10 Things That Should Happen at Survivor Series

10 Things that Should Happen at Survivor Series

WWE’s Thanksgiving tradition since 1987 is this Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Now, the build to it may not be the best given that it really had two weeks with Evolution and Crown Jewel just happening and all the last minute changes, but the one night of the year where Raw and Smackdown go head to head in direct competition could be one of the most memorable PPV’s of the year for WWE with matches like AOP vs the Bar, Rollins vs Nakamura, the dream match of Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar and What many thought would be the Wrestlemania Main Event in Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey. The great thing is so many things can happen and should happen from this show. My name is Michael Valente from Squared Circle Psychobabble and these are the 10 things that should happen at Survivor Series 2018.



  1. Raw wins Tag Team Survivor Series match (01:00)

The Raw tag team division has been completely buried for the better part of 2018. Since Wrestlemania, where Braun Strowman beat the Bar with the help of a 10 year old, the Raw tag team division, has been pretty much like the Divas division of 2014. No relevant storylines, No big title matches. Heck, the tag team titles were kind of taken hostage due to the Shield vs Dogs of War storyline earlier this year. Now that the AOP are Raw tag team champions, now is the time to build possible contenders. What better way to do that then have the Raw Tag Teams beating a much stronger Smackdown tag team division in the pre-show match

  1. The Revival Should Have the Last Elimination (01:41)

Now, I’m saying they have to be the sole surviving tag team, but they can not get eliminated at they are best tag team Raw currently has besides AOP. If any Raw tag team has had some build this year, they are definitely one of them. They beat Roman Reigns this year on multiple occasions and gave a hell of a challenge to Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Of course, that gets forgotten when things like jobbing to the Lucha House Party recently on Raw and losing the B-Team at Summerslam. Getting the last elimination against the Usos or The New Day can instantly boost their stature as top contenders for the AOP.

  1. The Cruiserweight Championship Match On the Main Show (02:20)

At the time of this recording, the Raw Tag Team Survivor Series match is the only one slated for the pre-show. However, Card Subject to change. Buddy Murphy vs Cedric Alexander was one of, if not, the best match at Super Showdown, but the only reason that made the main show was Murphy was the hometown guy being from Melbourne. Now, WWE has a chance to show many fans what they could be potentially missing when watching 205 Live on the WWE Network when Murphy squares off against Mustafa Ali. If you haven’t watched their no-disqualification match on 205 Live in July, I recommend watching that before Sunday. This would be a great match to open the show.


  1. AOP Beats The Bar (03:04)

For the same reasons I talked about earlier, AOP needs to pick up the match between tag team champions against Sheamus and Cesaro. AOP have looked the strongest among tag teams on Raw and this is their first real test on the main roster. Sheamus and Cesaro is a nice pairing for AOP’s first PPV match on the main roster and it is sure going to be a great match if given the time. The only issue is that Big Show will be in the Bar’s corner and this makes me believe somehow outside interference will help give the win to team blue.


  1. Dean Ambrose causes Seth Rollins the Victory (03:39)

There really has been no build to the actual match between Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. The story that has been told on Raw is the recent heel turn by Ambrose the night Roman Reigns announced he would need to vacate the Universal title to battle Leukemia for a second time. Rollins has been trying get a reason out of Ambrose, which we sort of got on the go-home show Monday night. Other the hand, Nakamura hasn’t had a real storyline since winning the US title from Jeff Hardy in seconds at Extreme Rules. WWE will most likely find a way to further the storyline of Rollins and Ambrose by having the Lunatic Fringe come out to distract the Architect before being low blowed by the King of Strong Style and win with a Kinshasa.  

  1. Nia Jax and Tamina are the sole survivors in the Women’s Survivor Series match (04:25)

Tamina and Nia Jax were recently paired together on Raw currently feuding with Ember Moon, but Nia Jax is currently the #1 contender to Ronda Rousey which will most likely happen at TLC. The two are most likely going to be built as unstoppable forces in the Women’s division and if and when the women’s tag team division happens in WWE. By becoming sole survivors, they would be beating a team that consists of the long-time undefeated Asuka, and former women’s champions Carmella, Naomi and Charlotte Flair. You can have Flair give a great effort in a 2-on-1 situation but come up just short to further her story of all-of-the-sudden losing her confidence since losing to Becky Lynch at Evolution and build the stock of Jax being a threat to Rousey for their match at TLC.



  1. Drew McIntyre Squashes Team Smackdown (05:00)

On Monday's episode, we talked about how Drew McIntyre is set for a Big Push. What better way to push the Scottish Psychopath than by having him just completely squash team Smackdown including Shane McMahon who “stole” the world cup and being declared “best in the world”. This would avenge Dolph Ziggler’s loss who should have won the tournament at Crown Jewel. By also eliminating Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, McIntyre would look incredibly strong in this match and can argue he should have first shot at Lesnar for the Universal Championship


  1. The Miz turns on Team Smackdown (05:40)

One person who shouldn’t be a victim of McIntyre’s one-sided victory is The Miz. Let us not forget it was his “injury” at Crown Jewel that lead to Shane inserting himself in the finals match of the World Cup Tournament. Something that The Miz pointed out and claiming he is really ⅔’s of the best in the world. A turn on Shane and getting himself counted out would lead to a rumored babyface turn. This would protect the A-Lister as he could be winning the Royal Rumble and challenging Bryan at Wrestlemania.



  1. Brock Lesnar Wins (06:12)

Now I am going to get a lot of backlash for this one, but hear me out. As much we do not like Brock Lesnar because he only shows up when he wants to and his matches aren’t good because he has only two moves, the possibility of the Beast Incarnate fighting in UFC again is a huge marketing opportunity that Vince obviously sees. He wants Lesnar to look strong going into that fight, most likely against Daniel Cormier. What better way to have him look strong and have WWE seen in front of UFC fans than by having him walk into the octagon with the Universal championship. We talked about it last week on the podcast which you watch or listen with the link in the description. Yes, Daniel Bryan just became WWE Champion on Smackdown Live dethroning AJ Styles after 371 days, but the short turnaround would be the reason Bryan loses.

  1. Sasha Banks and Bayley Interfere (07:00)

It’s a shame what happened to Becky Lynch on Raw this week. Getting punched stiff by Nia Jax and suffering a broken nose and severe concussion forcing her out of Survivor Series. WWE did a very creative thing in having her handpicked Charlotte as the replacement. Some may question why Becky would hug her biggest rival of three months, but this genuine moments is where the seeds get planted. Many thought the match we are now getting at Survivor Series would be the main event of Wrestlemania 35. So where does WWE go from here? Do you let Ronda win or can Charlotte break two undefeated streaks in one year? If so, how do you protect Rousey? Enter the Hug N Boss Connection. Banks and Bayley have no match at Survivor Series as they were notpicked by Alexa Bliss to be on Team Raw in the Women’s Survivor Series Match. So, instead they turn on Raw and join forces with Flair in help her get the victory. Not only will this create a short term story for Bayley and Banks going Benedict Arnold on Raw, but will plant the seed for the new Wrestlemania Marquee Match; The Four Horsewomen of Flair, Lynch, Banks and Bayley and The Four Horsewomen of Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessiman Duke and Marina Shafir.


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