The Squared Circle Pschyobabble is pro wrestling podcast that discusses the latest news and rumors in AEW, WWE, NXT and New Japan Pro Wrestling along with having conversations on hot topics and provide weekly reviews of AEW Dynamite on TNT and WWE NXT on the USA Network.


NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed Predictions

WWE Super Showdown Predictions

Is WWE "Oversaturated?

 Ralph and Michael make their predictions for NJPW's Fighting Spirit Unleashed and WWE's Super Showdown. Shoot or work the weekly wrestling rumors involving the Rock, Neville, HBK vs. Undertaker, and Dean Ambrose.

In "Swerve Me Wrong" Michael tries to convince Ralph that WWE is not oversaturated. 

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Is Money in the Bank Ruined?

Michael and Ralph Valente discuss whether or not the Money in the Bank contract is ruined after the main event of Hell in a Cell 2018, Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman ended in a no contest due to the interference of Brock Lesnar. This is the second year in a row that the Money in the Bank cash-in has failed. 

Should Shawn Michaels Comeback?

Also, our "Swerve Me Wrong" segment has Michael arguing that Shawn Michaels should comeback to Wrestling.

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Hell in a Cell Predictions


Michael and Ralph make their predictions for Hell In A Cell 2018 and then decide which Hell in a Cell Matches are the best and where Mankind vs. The Undertaker from King of the Ring 2018 ranks among them. 

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All In Reactions

Ralph and Michael discuss their reactions to the All In PPV event held by Bullet Club Elite.

Fantasy Booking NXT Invasion

Also, Michael books his version of the NXT Invasion in this week's Booker Man segment

Swerve Me Wrong: SummerSlam was better than All In!

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Can Kayfabe Still Exist?

Ralph and Michael answer the question of "Can Kayfabe Still Exist" in today's wrestling world. 


This week's wrestling news and rumors discussing John Cena's 6th Move of Doom, The Rock Making a Comeback for Smackdown 1000 and a possible NXT Invasion.


Ralph and Michael give their top 10 wrestlers of the last year.


Swerve Me Wrong: There Should Be No Age Requirement to Start Wrestling. 

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